How the Bale transfer saga could torpedo Arsenal’s Suarez deal

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I might not be a Spurs fan but in a weird way as a Gooner I can understand a little bit of what the club are going through. You have a world class player (see also Fabregas, van Perise etc) and summer after summer Europe’s elite clubs are circling round them while your management team is adamant they are going nowhere.

Whether Bale does leave Spurs is a moot point. The press has been full of ‘he is going,’ no ‘he wants to stay’ nonsense for several days now, and I guess only the Welshman knows the truth.

The difficulty is that the longer the Bale situation remains unresolved the trickier things get for Tottenham, but ironically enough Arsenal too. To illustrate what I mean let’s take a look at two scenarios.

1 Bale stays – I think it is fair to surmise that Bale is Real Madrid’s number one target and quite possibly the only club he will go to. If Bale does stay at Spurs then the Spaniards are very likely to turn their attention to Luis Suarez. As much as it pains me to say it if they did come anywhere near Arsenal’s bid for the player I am sure the Uruguayan would be off to Spain in a heartbeat. Liverpool also manage to avoid the ignominy of selling their best player to a Premiership rival. That leaves Arsenal minus Suarez (and also Higuain, Jovetic, Benteke, Bony etc) and scrabbling around for that marquee striker that will turn them into title contenders.

2 If Bale goes – Now this is where it gets mighty tricky.  All of sudden Tottenham have a huge war chest to spend. I wonder if the player they would then target would be, you guessed it, Suarez. If previous history is anything to go by they could possibly outbid Arsenal. Even if the Suarez saga has been resolved by then Arsenal and Spurs would possibly find themselves bidding for the the same players towards the end of the window, which delivers inflated prices and that won’t go down well at Arsenal. The irony is that Spurs might sell their talisman, but it could end up being really bad news for the Gunners.

Finally the longer the situation remains unresolved the worse it gets. If Bale hangs on until August before Spurs sell him they have less time to spend that cash.

So what do you think? If Bale goes who will Spurs buy? Suarez?

By Ashley | July 25th, 2013

  • Dan

    Stupid article he’s leaving for champions league think about what your writing

  • Boglin

    If anything Real Buying Bale would help Arsenal’s chances since they’ll be out of pocket by £80+ million.

  • Adam

    Astonishingly inept and ill conceived writing.

  • khm

    He will not go to Spurs over Arsenal. No way.

  • Bernard

    You are 100% right in your analysis. I salute you. I am AFC Fan, I have decided to rest the case of a world class striker joining Arsenal FC to God.

  • Mike Hunt

    Spurs fan here. For one I think Bale will stay this season, next season he will go I think. Regarding Suarez, I genuinely would not want my club to go anywhere near him. The man is racist, violent scum and I would not want him putting on our shirt, or having the explain him to my children the next time he has one of his ‘episodes’, which he of course will have at some point no doubt.


    Gooners are a selling club.They cant even attract Fabregas back.Cazola next to go.

  • bruce

    Bale has always said he is staying for at least another year no matter what the Spanish press invent.

    Suarez is mercenary, an embarrassment and a disgrace. I doubt very much whether he’s even that interested in a move to Arsenal. It maybe a better option than having to stay & ‘face the music’ at Liverpool but he’s made it clear he doesn’t like english football and wants out, with all his hopes pinned on a move to Madrid.

    Be careful what you wish for gooners!

  • rah

    you are a disgrace to the comments section too

  • rah

    people will have even more difficulty explaing your highly stupid arguments to their kids

  • bruce

    got anything intellegent to say ra?

  • rah

    Not as intelligent as your comeback

  • Dan

    Take that as a no…What an idiot

  • George

    Its stupid though is it…Suarez is an immoral person and your defending him says a lot about you…

  • rah

    suarez ? he can die for all i care i just love insulting spurs

  • rah

    jush take your boyfriend and go to some park

  • Fred

    I think bale will stay for one more year, if spurs manage to get in to the champions leage then I think he will stay for good if spurs give him a huge wage .If spurs don’t get into champions leage then bye bye bale .
    I think spurs are going for broke with the buying of players which is great to see and if it all goes wrong at the end of the season then they recoupe the money they have laid out with selling bale .

    GO FOR IT SPURS !!!!