Is this Arsenal’s most disastrous summer of recent times?

Ashley Football 3 Comments

Well it is a dramatic statement I know, but I am beginning to feel that way. Previous summers have felt like torture for Arsenal fans as they have watched their star players leave for other clubs.

But this year has been worse. In many ways it has completely undermined my confidence in the club and its management and its ability to create a team that will challenge for trophies. I feel that we are becoming a laughing stock. And the bad news is that it could get worse.

1 Suarez – Yes he is a great player, but the club has values grounded in decades of doing things the right way. I really am not sure that he is the type of person who should be pulling on a red and white shirt. Besides to sign the player we will have to find the best part of £50 million. We could have signed Higuain and Fellaini for around that fee. He just isn’t worth it.

2 If not Suarez, who else? – The problem is that I fear we now have all our eggs in the Suarez basket. We have watched as target after target have signed for other clubs. Jovetic, Bony, Benteke were all within our grasp, but we let them go. The depressing part is that so few players seem genuinely excited about signing for us. That clearly wasn’t the case a few years back. We will be left with paying well over the odds for the likes of Lewandowski or Michu, or more likely not spending the cash at all.

3 Cesc – This is all going to end horribly isn’t it? After whispering that he quite fancies linking up with his old pal RVP I can now see a possible United move on the cards. As much as I’d like to think that Wenger would intervene and bring the player home, maybe Cesc has watched what has happened at Arsenal this summer and decided he would be better off in Manchester. It would be heartbreaking to see Fabregas playing for United. If the manager and the board don’t get this they really haven’t an inkling about what the fans are feeling.

4 Williams/Fellaini – We needed a quality centre back before the injuries, now we need one desperately. Williams could have been signed weeks ago and should have been on tour with his new team mates. Instead we have been quibbling about the cash and who knows we may even miss out on this one. As for Fellaini, there was a genuine buzz of excitement when the Belgian was linked with us a month or so ago. It now seems that he will be heading elsewhere.

The worst part of all is that we are now in a postion where we have the cash to spend on new players. But it just isn’t happening. Is it down to Wenger’s indecision, or the intervention of the management team? Or is it simply that players don’t want to join us? The whole thing is a terrible mess and that only reason why the lot down the other end of the Seven Sisters Road aren’t rubbing our noses in it is because they have their own problems.

Other summers were bad, but I think this is shaping up to be our worst summer of recent times. Sure some serious investment could turn it around, but like everyone else I was expecting a few marquee signing to be paraded at the Emirates Cup and ready for a new season. I just hope that we don’t let it to go to the wire – remember what happened last time we did that?