Arsenal update: Gundogan and Flamini

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There are a lot of unhappy Arsenal bloggers at the moment. And with good reason. While most of Arsenal’s rivals have strengthened their squads and started to integrate those players into their teams Arsenal fans are still waiting not just for a marquee signing, but any singing really.

With the Suarez move in the balance it appears that the club has once again been looking at midfield options. And there are two names that are being linked with the club this week.

Firstly let’s get the one that isn’t going to happen out of the way. The Express are suggesting that the Gunners are working on bringing Borussia Dortmund midfielder Ilkay Gundogan to Arsenal. The defensively minded midfielder, who was arguably the side’s best player in the Champions league final, is to be the subject of a £20 million bid.

Is it going to happen? Well the player’s farther has already poured cold water on the idea saying that his son isn’t ready for a move to the Premiership. Besides a move from a club that made the CL final to a side that is once again looking like Prem League also-rans doesn’t sound like much of an upgrade. Of course a mega bid might tempt the player, but £20 million doesn’t sound like a lot of cash for a young player with a huge amount of potential.

If not Gundogan then how about Matty Flamini. Yep the ex Arsenal players is rumoured via Twitter to have been training with the Arsenal team. Now this is a rumour that I can believe. Wenger obviously knows the player’s strengths and weaknesses and realises that he could be a useful addition to the team and might even give Arteta a game or two off this season. So why not get a closer look at him? After all disappointing injury hit seasons in Italy have taken their toll and he clearly isn’t the promising player that departed London five years ago. That said it is not like Flamini is going to cost a great deal of cash.

He will probably end up at Stoke or Sunderland, but I don’t think too many Gunners would be sad to see him sign. As long as he isn’t the only signing that the club makes in the next few weeks.