A theory. Arsenal’s game plan – Michu now, Suarez next week?

Ashley Football 1 Comment

Time is starting to run out for Arsene Wenger to make his marquee signing. Several papers have said this morning that the club will continue with there pursuit of Suarez, but will look at other options.

The names that are mentioned are the usual suspects; Michu, El Shaarawy, Dzeko and at a very big push Rooney.

Wenger has already missed out on Higuain, Bony, Cavani, Jovetic and although Lewandowksi remains a very feint possibility the player seems to have his heart set on a move to Bayern next year. The Sanchez rumour appears to have died down too.

The interesting question is whether Arsenal can afford to buy one of the above and still have money to offer Liverpool a huge sum for Suarez with the hope that the player will sign before the deadline. Especially if they sign Gustavo and maybe even a centre back.

Here’s a conspiracy theory. The Suarez deal will go to the wire for three reasons. Firstly Liverpool will do all they can to hold on to him. Secondly until Real sign Bale there remains the possibility that he could be on his way to Madrid. Thirdly it is unlikely that Suarez will sign for Arsenal until they have at least secured the group stage of Champions League football and that almost certainly won’t be until August 27th.

The fans however are desperate for reinforcements. If the start of the season goes badly and Arsenal fail to beat Villa and lose in Turkey, then there will be huge pressure on Wenger to buy. So just maybe Arsenal will sign Michu, who would be significantly cheaper than Suarez, and can also play as a more creative player than just as a striker, to pacify the fans and as insurance in case his number one target doesn’t land.

Then Arsenal will push Liverpool to the wire in a bid to sign Suarez. If it doesn’t work out then at least Arsenal will have bought a quality striker.