Shock – Arsenal make second summer signing. Flamini is back

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There was a lot of talk about this last night and now it appears to have been confirmed by the papers at least. Matty Flamini is back at Arsenal and is on a £40/50k a week deal.

The ex Arsenal star, who left the club for Milan on a Bosman is back with his old manager Arsene Wenger after impressing Le Boss when training with the side last month.

So what do you think Gunners fans. Flamini is 29 years old and could potentially be at his peak. It remains to see though whether his stint at Milan has taken its toll. He played in over 20 games for the side last season, but they couldn’t agree a deal with him.

What possibly swung it for Flamini – in addition to costing zip all – is that he is versatile and can play in left and right back positions as well as in his core central midfield berth.

He is a good insurance policy too given that four of Arsenal’s midfielders – Diaby, Rosicky, Wilshere and Arteta are all a little injury prone. At the very least he has a lot more experience than say Coquelin.

So are you glad to have him back?

By Ashley | August 29th, 2013

  • vishal

    factually wrong article. He was offered a 2 year contract extension during the last 3 months of his final season at Milan. A little research will help in building a trusted reputation among your readers.

  • osman fadil

    Just made up cat could research better than this writer.

  • Niall

    No. Not good enough to sign another freebie / cast off just to satisfy the greedy Arsenal owner. Where’s the €70m? Why can Spurs bring in so many quality players and Arsenal struggle with no significant signing?