Arsenal update: Real fans sing – ‘don’t sell Ozil!’

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At the time of writing Mesut Ozil is being prodded and poked in Germany as he prepares to complete his £42 million move to Arsenal. He has effectively been pushed out by the signing of Bale and the retention of Di Maria and Ronaldo.

It is worth noting though that Real fans are not happy about his departure. The BBC’s Spain football writer Andy West reporting from the unveiling of Bale had this to say

“Interesting to hear Real Madrid fans at the Bale presentation breaking away from their lauding of the Welshman to launch into a chorus of ‘Don´t sell Ozil’.

“Might be a bit late for that now, but it shows how highly Madrid fans regard the German playmaker. Big boots for Bale to fill.”

It underlines what a key player Ozil could be for Arsenal.