Should Arsenal cash in Podolski (and maybe get Lewandowski) ?

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Arsenal are in the market for a direct striker in the transfer window and top of that list really has to be Dortmund’s sensational Pole, Robert Lewandowski. Trouble is half of Europe is monitoring the player and Bayern Munich still seems like a very likely destination. Though he said that he does fancy a crack at the Premiership too.

So how do you secure a striker who in many ways would ensure that the club, providing they play well in December, have a realistic chance of winning the Premiership?

Well how about cashing in Lukas Podolski?

Has Podolski worked out at Arsenal? It really depends who you ask. There’s no denying that the player has a fearsome strike and has scored some very useful goals. His critics have also suggested that he tends to drift in and out of games and that he provides little protection for the left back. Did he score enough goals last season – 11? Well that’s either a great return for a player who rarely spend ninety minutes on the pitch in each game, or slim pickings.

The truth is it seems that no one seems totally sure about Podolski, not even Arsene Wenger. Arsenal do seem to have a large number of players who can wide on both channels – and the emergence of Gnabry has added another name to the list. Also has Podolski worked as an out and out striker? Not really.

Have Arsenal missed him this season? Well…

So should Arsenal be prepared to cash him in now and offer him as a direct swap (or maybe even with some cash) to secure Lewandowski? Might that be the offer that tips the balance in favour of The Gunners.

What do you think?

There are of course plenty of other strikers Arsenal could chase – Benzema, Benteke, Dzeko to name but three. But Gunners fans who would you opt for out of the four?