Football: betting tips on who the favourites are for this season’s Premiership

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This is really proving to be an unusual season of Premiership football, but that is not so unexpected, given the major changes that have occurred at many of the biggest clubs. The loss of Sir Alex Ferguson was expected to be earth shattering for Manchester United (16/1), and they have definitely found the transition to the David Moyes era difficult. Chelsea (9/2) are currently going through a period that has seen them labelled a ‘crisis club’, but the real crisis may be for those wanting to make bets on who will win the league – because it is almost impossible to establish which side is the best bet.

Manchester City (23/20) probably have the strongest overall squad, as well as the best balance of quality within it, with Chelsea short up front and United in the centre of midfield and defence. However with new manager Manuel Pellegrini, new players and a new style of play, City are in transition as well, and are proving just as vulnerable this season – especially away from the Etihad Stadium. This leaves Arsenal (9/2) as the most consistent, but lacking sufficient numbers to deal with injuries, and all this is why the period over December and January is so important from a football betting perspective.

This slot based upon football represents the ideal way to bet on football until then, although you may find the ‘animals playing World Cup’ football theme is so much fun you don’t bother with the title gamble. Even if you are able to tear yourself away from the languid lions and bludgeoning buffalo trying to beat the leaping leopards in goal, the $8000 jackpot is way more than most people can hope to win by betting on the winner of the Premiership title. Of course there is always the option of mixing the two, especially as mobile casino apps let you play on a phone – so you can even play Soccer Safari when you are at the match.

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