The changing face of TVs

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TVs have certainly changed a bit in our life times. Remember when the telly was just an ugly and heavy black box that sat unloved in the corner of the room? Some of you may even remember when they were squarish rather than the much wider, more cinematic, 16 x 9 shape they are today.

Certainly one thing that is very different today is picture quality.  Sony’s latest  4K TVs, for example, boast over 8 million pixels (3840 x 2160 resolution), providing images that are four times clearer than current High Definition TVs.  But it’s not just that images are so much sharper and more detailed than ever before with a Sony 4K TV. Just like computers, TVs have entered the information age with a whole host of new Internet inspired features too.

Whereas once the only way you could communicate with your TV was to shout at it very loudly when something came on you didn’t like (unfortunately it would never listen), now you can discuss the programmes you are watching with your friends in real time. So, for example, Sony’s latest W95 LED TV features a built in HD camera so you can enjoy a bit of banter during the big match with your friends and family, even follow their Tweets on screen.

But this TV isn’t just about lots of features and great picture quality – they are of course a given these days with a Sony set. Blending style and substance, the stylish wedge design allows extra capacity for an enhanced and more powerful speaker system. So you may be at home watching the match on your TV, but it sounds like you are in the stands listening to 30,000 fans chanting!

TV: Past vs Present - Infographic

Courtesy of Sony

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