Why selling Cazorla and buying Fabregas might just work for Arsenal

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So where do you stand on Cesc then? It seems that the Arsenal supporting world is split on the potential return of the brilliant Catalan with one half arguing that the club will be fine without him and the other half thinking that letting Chelsea buy him is craziness on par with the sale of RVP to United.

There are many arguments put by those who think Wenger should pass on Fabregas (is he the player he was? can he play with Ozil and Ramsey? etc) but the one that has been trotted out the most is that Arsenal already have a very strong midfield and that the club needs to invest that £100 million war chest on other areas – like buying a new striker, DM, centre back and right back.

Personally I think buying Fabregas is a hugely sensible move – especially given our midfielders seemingly never ending run of injuries. Also given that Cesc is one of only a handful of truly world class players up for sale in the window if Arsenal bought him it would be one less match winner for City and Chelsea to fight over.

I would not only buy him but mould the team around him and make him captain too.

Which is why the recent rumour of a bid from Atletico Madrid for Santi Cazorla is potentially very interesting. Now don’t get me wrong. I love the little Spaniard. He has been brilliant for Arsenal many times in the last two years and was clearly the catalyst that got Arsenal back into the game in the FA Cup Final.

But he does have a habit of going missing in big games. He also seems to lack that last yard of pace too. And when partnered with Wilshere, well it is not surprising that teams like Stoke have bullied the Gunners’ midfield.

And yes he may have recently signed a new contract, but for me taking £18 million from Atletico and investing £30 million on Fabregas sounds like great business. It wouldn’t make too much of a dent in Wenger’s reserves, and besides it seems that he already has one cut priced striker lined up in Vela.

And as the guy he sits next to me at The Emirates constantly reiterates Wenger’s buys in recent years have only ever really been about 70-% as good as the stars they replaced and so it is with Cazorla and Fabregas.

Quite where Wenger deploys Fabregas is of course a moot point. But he can play in a number of positions – fake number 10, box to box central midfielder, maybe even as a striker. I am sure Wenger can find room for him.

I also wonder if the fact that the Fabregas to Chelsea deal hasn’t gone through may be because the ever indecisive Wenger had had second thoughts and that the money issue is something of a smoke screen.

So what do you think?

Is sacrificing Cazorla for Fabregas a move that Arsene should be considering.

By Ashley | June 11th, 2014

  • Bob

    Why would Fabregas want to go back to Arsenal one micky mouse trophy every nine years.

  • SAGunner

    You blithering idiot!!!! sell Ozil not Santi! You must be an idiot to make a statement like that.

  • roy

    no we have at least 100 million to spend we can afford to keep all our players buy Cesc dm right back and a g/k and another striker maybe Puma will contribute 10 mil each to Cesc and Balotelli both Puma sponsored

  • deejay

    i seem to remember that until the gangster bought out chavski, tin pot club that they are…chanskis record was one title every fifty years

  • Jeff

    after how long did Chelsea and Man City started winning trophies history and facts are stubborn

  • bob

    The problem Arsenal fans have is, they must now get used to the fact that Arsenal are a feeder club to the top teams in the world, so you have to sell all your up and coming stars to Chelsea Real Madrid and Man shitty to pay for your over priced ground.

  • YourAverageTottenhamFan

    You’re the idiot, its Ozils first season and he has nearly matched eden hazard who is valued at 60 mil. Ozil will prove himself next season and is young still. Cazorla out Fab in

  • Dav

    When the ex KGB gangster gets bored, killed or put in prison you best get used to a few seasons in the Championship

  • bob

    At least Roman loves his club enough to spend his cash on it unlike Arsenals owners who for years now have told you that there are hundreds of millions to spend on players but then wont let his manager spend it. LOL never mind I will enjoy watching another six nil drubbing from the team that are known for there exciting football