Sony Xperia Z2 review – and five reasons why you should consider buying it

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In the premium mobile stakes this year has been all about the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Glaxy S5. Hoping to muscle in on that battle for Android hearts and minds is Sony which has recently unveiled the Xperia Z2. So is it worth a look?

Hayley and Becca say what they think on the video, but here’s a few pointers

1 It has a really good camera. The images its 20 mega pixel camera takes are rich in detail and bursting with colour.

2 The video camera is no slouch – It takes footage at the new level of high definition 4K – four times clearer than standard HD which it can output to your 4K TV. For those of us who have more humble tellies you can see the difference between the footage from this and even the best of its rivals – which is mainly the Samsung Galaxys . I also love the way you can apply Instagram style filters to the video too – a lovely touch. The only downside is that film in 4K for long and you’ll soon fill up its not that great 16gig of storage.

3 It is waterproof – Like most new Sonys you can dunk it in your tea, drop it in the toilet or take it swimming and it will carry on working even up to depth of 1.5 metres depth for 30 minutes. You can film with it too in the bath if you really have to. But remember it doesn’t like salt so don’t take it anywhere near the sea.

4 It has excellent speakers – The smart thing that Sony has done here is to add dual front facing speakers. It means that unlike almost every phone, apart from the HTC One M8, the Xperia Z2 delivers good quality (for a mobi) stereo sound.

5 It has decent battery life – The Z2 is as good as its rivals and way clear of mobiles like the iPhone 5S. Don’t play too much video and you might even get a couple of days from it.

And the downside – it lacks a little wow factor – the Z3 needs to have a funkier and thinner case/