Cheer up England fans – eight World Cup reasons to be positive

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So how was the World Cup for you? Ok I know it is far from over, but for every England fan it kind of finishes tonight as England take on the mighty Costa Rica.

Yet even with every English fan lowering their expectations for the World Cup there still seems to be a massive amount of people who are disappointed with how things have turned out.

But should we be so down on the lads?

Here are some positives I think we can all agree that show that Woy and his teamn are going in the right direction.

1, No one got seriously hurt in the second group fixture. This is a massive improvement from the first game when poor Gary Lewin jumped on a water bottle and shattered his ankle. In all fairness England are equally opportunity when it comes to injuries, often selecting a player who has no chance of being fully fit for the tournament just to make sure the PC brigade don’t think we are discriminating against people who are unfit.

2, Players and coaching staff will be closer friends for the experience. That bond you have after a lad’s holiday, the booze, birds, Lampard dancing like a nutter and what goes on tour stays on tour mentality. So what it’s the worst performance at a World Cup since 1958, friendship, togetherness that’s what winning really is.

3, Sports Direct will now be selling Official England Shirts for less than £20. I know you wanted to wear the new kit to the Dog and Duck for the first game but by waiting 10 days you have just saved yourself £30, technically you spent that money on beer so you haven’t saved a penny but enjoyed it all the more.

While you are in Sports Direct you might as well buy the Ajax away shorts 09/10, they are only £3.99…

4, The England team have finally found out who is the best at Fifa 2014 on the Xbox. Oxlade Chamberlain won the tournament with a 3 – 2 win over Gary Lewin (who was playing online). Roy Hodgson was knocked out in the first round had these comments “Ox did really well but did have extra chances to practice, I have to admit I don’t know what I am doing, I kept selecting the wrong players, in the wrong positions and when the game started it was very hard for my teams to play fluidly. I am disappointed, I was always a Pro Evo guy”

5, John Terry has largely been ignored by the media. A positive for the nation, a negative for John, without validation from the national press Mr Terry lacks the ability to tell right from wrong.

6, Arm chair managers have never been so busy or happy. Naming a squad almost exactly the same as Roy with one slight tactical or player change is hard damn work, reward yourself with another beer and start planning a team that can win Euro 2016, surely we have the youngsters coming through, the experienced players to really push on in the next tournament.

7,The World Cup has helped Ashley Cole recover from a bad month. No longer a Chelsea player and replaced by Leighton Baines as England’s first choice left back. Does any England fan think that was good idea now? If rumours are to be believed the Barca, AC Milan and Real Madrid contract offers should give him something to do in between considering coming out of international retirement.

8, England have learned the importance of proper preparation. How can we say this was the best prepared squad ever. They didn’t even get time to record a world cup song, how is that being prepared?

Pic from Twitter @piesportsbooze

This Time (We’ll Get It Right) – 1982 England World Cup Squad from Darren Hayman on Vimeo.

Written by Ashley Snell