Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre chooses his 10 top psychedelic pop songs

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The Brian Jonestown Massacre, the cult guitar band who have inspired a generation of psychedelic popsters, are back with a superb new album Revelation. You can read an interview with lead singer Anton Newcombe in this month’s Shindig Magazine and also online here.

To celebrate Revelation’s lunch Anton, who is well worth following on Twitter at @antonnewcombe, chose his ten favourite psychedelic pop songs.

Every one is a gem.

Jacques Dutronc – Les Gens Sont Fous

I always loved this era of Dutronc’s 60’s pop. I love the fuzz bass on this and the production is great. It doesn’t matter that I don’t speak French, and I couldn’t care less about what he’s singing about, I just like it.

The Factory – Gone

I think this song is fantastic. It shares some of the same vibe as The Rolling Stones’ Satisfaction – it is a combination of styles with great production.

Morgen – Of Dreams

I love this era of psychedelia. It is so easy to dismiss it as being silly, but it’s also fantastic and the music is really good. I guess that’s why I still enjoy listening to it after all of these years.

The Rolling Stones – 2000 Light Years From Home

I hear this is their least favourite album. I love it. Charlie’s drums on this rule. Brian’s mellotron and synth work are great.

J K & Co – Fly

This kid was like 15 when he wrote and recorded this stuff and by the time the record was done the music styles had changed. But it is fantastic isn’t it?

Fairport Convention – Time Will Show The Wiser

This is a cover song. The writer was Emitt Rhodes I think from The Merry-Go-Round but this cover is fantastic. It is like, if you are going to cover someone’s song, make it better than the original or why bother.

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – I Won’t Hurt You

These guys have a funny story because I heard there was no real band, that the guy just auditioned players in the studio and made these demos and records.

John’s Children – Smashed Blocked

The promo video to this song is so over the top, and the music too. A young Marc Bolan was in this group. I just love this song – smashed blocked – is slang for being fucked up on 60s speed I guess.

The Eyes – When The Night Falls

This is a great band from London in the UK, early 60s. I love this sound just as much as The Who if not better. Groovy shit.

Honey Ltd. – The Warrior

This group had something to do with Lee Hazlewood and despite his help I don’t think they were very big. I love this song…sarcastic anti war song and really earthy ladies singing harmonies. I miss that about music and the hippies.