“Unbelievable Jeff” – Kammy catches a Robber!

Oliver Baines Football Leave a Comment

Unbelievable scenes here Jeff…Sky Sports pundit and presenter Chris Kamara, also referred to as “Kammy” has caught a robber whilst out in Brazil for the World Cup.

Kamara tweeted the incident with the picture showing the robber who he chased down the street.

In further Tweets; Kamara provided a tongue and cheek twist on the incident, “not lost me pace”, after he managed to keep up with the man and tackle him to the ground before Police got involved.

The former Sheffield United man was out in Brazil on holiday watching the World Cup and found himself chasing down a robber who had stolen a necklace. It seems however, despite Kamara’s quick thinking and bravery; the pundit found himself being told off by police officials who do not recommend chasing a robber down the street!

What was a nice relaxing holiday has now become a heroic story.

Well done Kammy!