The real Ford Focus ST beats a virtual one at Goodwood FoS

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So which is faster – a real car, or a simulated version of one? Well now we know, kind of, for the former Stig, Ben Collins, managed to drive the new Ford Focus ST to victory against a computerised simulation of a Ford Focus ST at Goodwood Festival of Speed at the weekend.

Just hours after making its global debut, the real Focus ST completed the 1.86 kilometre hill climb just ahead of gamer Krisztian Somodj, on a Gran Turismo 6 Playstation 3 simulator of the same car.

Ben said: ‘Racing the new Focus ST against the virtual one was a first for me. I had no idea who was in the lead so I was ecstatic when I realised I’d won. The Focus ST has always been a great driver’s car but the new version is even more responsive and rewarding.’

Graphic designer, Krisztian said: ‘It was a very close race and such a buzz competing against a real car and driver. The virtual Focus ST looks, feels and sounds just like the real thing. Gran Turismo 6 is very impressive.’

The game replicated the conditions and features on the day itself as closely as possible – right down to the tyres. That attention to detail made for a tight contest with the real Focus ST posting a time of 1.05:13, with the virtual model only a tenth of a second behind, covering the climb in 1.05.23.

The new Focus ST is scheduled to be in dealerships from early 2015.

By Hayley Minn | July 1st, 2014