Amazing GIFs of 10 animals you never knew could swim – Swimming Week

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Next week at Brandish is a big one for us as we properly re-launch the site. And we are also kicking off with our first themed week – which is dedicated to swimming.

You can find out a bit more here and keep an eye on Swimming Week here. In the mean time here’s a little taster of what’s to come .

It may come as a shock to discover that most animals are actually pretty adequate swimmers. Compared to us humans – we’re naturally useless in the water till we’re taught what to do – they can make swimming look easy. But be they huge, humped or hampered by awkward limbs, we just didn’t expect some of these animals to be able to swim so WELL.

So here we have it: 10 animals who are probably much more impressive in the water than you realised. Check out their moves below.

Note: no animals were harmed in the making of this blog post (as far as we know).


1. Hedgehog

Seriously, look at this little guy go. He just seems cool as a cucumber in the sink.

hedgehog swimming gif

2. Cat

Defying all rumours that kitties are aquaphobic. This is one seriously chilled out cat.

cat resized

3. Elephant

They look ungainly enough on land, so it’s surprising to find that elephants are quite stunning below the surface. And their trunks make the ideal snorkels …


4. Guinea pig

Guinea pigs are natural swimmers, in fact. Their fat little bodies make for excellent buoys.guinea pig resized

5. Giant anteater

Now this strange creature actually doesn’t look too at home in the water, but he’s braving it regardless. Way to make a splash …

anteater resized

6. Camels

When on earth would a desert-dwelling camel need to swim? Still, they look pretty happy.

camels swimming

7. Chameleon

Walking on water, really. Cheat.

chameleon resized

8. Hamster

Speedier than expected.

hamsters resized

9. Sloth

Those long arms were MADE to scoop the water.

sloth resized

10. Polar bear

OK, slightly cheating – everyone knows polar bears can swim. But who knew they look so graceful?

polar bear resized

By Sadie Hale | July 4th, 2014

  • Great article Sadie, really unusual swimmers. We actually knew about the guinea-pig and plan to get Lucy’s swimming in the holidays.
    Keep up the good work x