Someone who’ll be busy tonight – meet Brazil’s number one fan

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The stakes are pretty high for the home team in the World Cup tonight. Without their talismanic striker Neymar and star defender Silva, they face a German team that hasn’t been spectacular, just ruthlessly efficient.

One man who might be a bit down if the Germans progress tonight is Brazil’s self-proclaimed No. 1 fan Nelson Paviotti. The lawyer made promise to himself at the World Cup in 1994 that if Brazil won, he would honour the colours of the Brazilian flag and his country from that day on wards for the rest of his life. If Brazil win the world cup Nelson is planning to officially change his name to Brazilian Flag.

Since that day in 1994, he has kept his promise, dressing in yellow and green and only eating yellow and green foods… And yes he even wears green and yellow pants

Anyhow watch the video, which is part of Bacardi’s Untameable series, to meet a truly remarkbale, though soemmigth say slightly bonkers individual.

* Barcardi Untameable is a series of short films produced to tell the stories behind BACARDÍ rum, its origins in Cuba, and inspires consumers to embrace life and live boldly to showcase their own “Irrepressible Spirit.” For more than 150 years BACARDÍ has been a brand with incredible stories to tell. Since their earliest days in Cuba, the Bacardí family has boldly faced and overcome earthquakes, fire, revolution, prohibition, and exile.