Lucas wants to leave – Liverpool yet to say yes

Oliver Baines Football 2 Comments

Reports from Italy have suggested that Liverpool and Brazilian midfielder Lucas wants to leave Liverpool on loan to join Italian side Napoli.

However, whilst Lucas seems to have agreed a vocal negotiation with Napoli’s representatives, Liverpool are not keen on the move. Lucas, valued at £13m would not be allowed to leave for anything under that price. Reports have suggested that Napoli have placed a bid lower than the Merseyside clubs valuation of their midfielder and therefore rejected the bid.

Now, Napoli have asked to loan the Brazilian in an attempt to keep all parties happy with a clause to sign him permanently after next season. With the arrival of Emre Can to Liverpool, could he be the replacement for Lucas?

Another contributing factor could be the sale of Luis Saurez; a man he got on particularly well with due to their South American connections, losing a friend close from home could make the ordeal harder for the Brazilian to manage.

Former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez who is currently at the helm at Napoli, is said to be a big fan of Lucas and is keen to bring him to Italy. A patient wait is needed from the Spaniard as Liverpool mull over the transfer decision.

By Oliver Baines | July 9th, 2014

  • zibbi

    £13M?? Haha dont make me laugh..i guarntee liverpool will sell him for € 10 M EUROS tops

  • dean jones

    Liverpool will not LOAN TO SELL with cheating Italian clubs ( FACT ) You have had us off over Reina with that one ( WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN ) So either PAY UP CHEATS / CORRUPT FOOTBALL italia…OR F*CK OFF 😉