Arsenal want £6m for their midfield mistro

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According to ESPN – Arsenal have slapped a £6m price tag on Mikel Arteta after Italian side Fiorentina have declared their interest in the Spaniard.

Arteta joined the Gunners in 2011 after leaving Everton where he was seen as a hero for his 6-year-service to the Toffees. Now 32-years-old, Arsene Wenger has a dilemma on his hands – does he sell Arteta now and get a profit? Or, risk losing his key midfielder for a free transfer next season?

Arteta has been a constant since arriving at the Emirates and occupies that defensive midfield position where he looks so comfortable on the ball. Suiting the Arsenal style so easily, the former Everton man has clocked up 94 appearances for the Gunners and scored 14 times. An impressive record from Arteta.

The London club may want to scout the network in search of another centre midfielder before selling their man to Fiorentina. Wenger has seen many of his middle men leave the club in recent years; Fabregas, Nasri and Song have all left after impressing in the Premier League and Champions League. It seems Arteta has joined the list.

Should Wenger hold onto his man? Or cash in now?


By Oliver Baines | July 10th, 2014

  • Delford Magaya

    The issue of Arteta is not an easy one, the Agent indicated that, Arteta is not going anyway, also Arteta is not dreaming of leaving Arsenal now. No! “Not at all”. Yes they might be some clubs after his service but he is not willing to leave the Gunners now and
    Arsene Wenger want him to stay. It depends on what he is doing in the field of play, Arteta is a hard working person, for Arsene to release him, it will be very difficult, they might try but they will not win him.