Five of the Best Running Apps for Android mobiles

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Smartphones and apps have made it infinitely easier to exercise out in the real world, rather than being cooped up in a sweaty gym. Nowadays you can go for a run without having to figure out exactly how far you ran, and how fast you were going because the apps do that for you. But what if you’re new to this whole apps thing, which app should you run along to?



A simple app that’s designed to track your run and present your stats in a simple and easy to digest format. RunKeeper uses GPS to track your run, and from there can work out your average pace and roughly how many calories you’ve burnt. Once you’ve finished, your run will then be presented to you on a map. There’s also a graph that will show you a breakdown of your pace during the run, so you can track where you were struggling the most. Oh did I mention you can also control your own music from the app? [Free]


Nike+ FuelBand: This is a recent release for Android, and lets people take full advantage of their FuelBand fitness tracker. Unlike most running apps which track your location to work out pacing, the FuelBand tracks your steps and the time to work out how intense your run has been. This intensity is then translated into NikeFuel, which is Nike’s way of creating an exercise measurement that’s universally applicable to all forms of exercise. [Free – Nike FuelBand required-]


Zombies Run: Let’s be honest nobody really likes exercising, and part of that is because it’s boring and monotonous. What if there was a way to make running more interesting? Zombies Run does just that by turning your run into an adventure. The setting is that you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and you have to venture out to collect supplies, without letting the zombies catch you. The story is fed into your earphones for you, and it’s a rather cool way to add some excitement to your normally boring routine. [£2.99]

Noom Weight Loss Coach - screenshot

Noom: This isn’t an app for those of you who are looking to casually exercise. Noom is primarily a weight loss app, and while it does includes features like weight tracking and calorie counting, it also has a built in exercise tracker so you can do your exercise and keep all the statistics in the same place as the rest of your progress. It’s not suitable for most, but if you are watching your weight then this is invaluable [Free]

Runtastic Running & Fitness - screenshot

Runtastic Running & Fitness: This is very similar to RunKeeper in many ways, including the simple design, and the post-run breakdown. The difference is that Runtastic utilises the map in a much more efficient way. Rather than just tracking our location, it will combine the map of your route with the breakdown of your pace, so that you can be absolutely certain where and when you struggled or did particularly well. Another great feature is that it integrates the likes of Spotify and Pandora, so you don’t have to rely on your own downloaded music. [Free]