This Much We Know: The Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 was released almost a year ago now, and the rumour mill has started throwing information about the next Galaxy Note device at us.  So what do we know about the Galaxy Note 4 so far?

1. Announcement and Release

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There are a number of sources that claim Samsung is planning on announcing and releasing the Galaxy Note 4 later this year, probably in the Autumn. Given that all previous Galaxy Note devices have been released in September or October it does make sense that Samsung would stick to their usual schedule. As for when it’ll actually be unveiled, nobody is quite sure. It could be unveiled at this year’s IFA conference in Berlin, or Samsung could have their own press conference planned. Either is likely.

2. A Curved Display (maybe?)

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Samsung has already entered the world of curved smartphone displays with the Galaxy Round, so it would make sense that some of their future models would incorporate the technology. Rumour has it that this curved smartphone will be a bit more extreme than the Round, and will feature a display that will wrap around the edges of the phone and offer different viewing angles. The Korea Herald cited Seoul based analyst Song Jong-ho, who claimed that Samsung is planning on releasing another curved smartphone by the end of the year, though it is not definite that this phone will be the Galaxy Note 4.

3. QHD and UHD Displays

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The Korea Times has made claims that the Galaxy Note 4 will support high definition and ultra high definition displays. The details weren’t shared, but it might mean that the device will come with full HD, QHD, and possibly UHD. UHD relies on Samsung being able to get a 4K display small enough to fit in a phone, which might not be ready on time. In any case, the Galaxy S5 currently has an HD display, so even QHD would be an upgrade.

4. A Brand New Design?

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Rumours about the design are currently few and far between, but according to Reuters, Yoon Han-kil, Senior Vice President of Samsung’s product strategy team, the Galaxy Note 4 will feature a new “form factor”. He didn’t elaborate on what he meant here, but it is similar to comments he made prior to the launch of the Galaxy S5 which had a design significantly different from it’s predecessor. So while we don’t know what to expect, we know that it probably won’t be the same design as the Galaxy Note 3.

5. A Processor Upgrade

The iPhone 5s shown next to a Galaxy Note 3 offers perspective to what a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 could look like.

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Details on the Galaxy note 4’s specs are almost non-existent, but we have heard a few mutterings about what might be involved. The main point is an upgrade in the processor, which is rumoured to be 64-bit — meaning it might have the same amount f processing power as the iPhone 5, iPad Air, and iPad Mini.

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