The year’s best selling vinyl albums so far – few surprises

Tom Pritchard Music Leave a Comment

It’s been no secret that the music industry has been suffering of late. Sales of CDs and MP3s are down, and while some people might try and blame piracy, chances are the convenience of streaming services that don’t bring in as much profit are likely to blame. But there is a saviour on the horizon, a resurrected musical messiah: the humble vinyl record.

According to the mid-year report from Nielson Soundscan, the first six months of 2014 saw vinyl sales in the US rise by 40% with over four million units sold. Let’s not forget that last year vinyl sales reached their highest numbers since 1991 with six million units sold.

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It’s not restricted to the US either. Last year vinyl sales in the UK hit their highest levels since 1997.

But aren’t vinyls a little archaic? Why would anybody buy them? Ignoring the fact that vinyls are more visually appealing than CDs and MP3s, you have to look at the type of music that’s selling well on vinyl since it’s completely different to the top sellers in the CD and download charts.

So who’s buying vinyl then? Nostalgists, hipsters, and indie rockers from the looks of things. As annoying as those groups might be at times, they are keeping the music industry afloat. [Quartz]