The first London Black Cab has gone cashless – payment by Barclays Ping app

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Ian Cable, a London taxi driver, has taken a revolutionary step of becoming the London taxi to be completely cashless. From today until Friday, he will not be accepting cash payments. Instead, Cable will encourage his passengers to pay via Barclays’ Pingit app as part of a trial to introduce mobile payments to taxis.

Cable has been a taxi driver for 23 years, and said this about the trial

“I am very excited to take part in this trial. I have been a cabbie for many years and am always up for trying new technology to help make mine and my passenger’s lives easier. 

“I was the first black cab driver in London to accept chip and pin back in 2004 and I will be the first to trial only accepting payment by Barclays Pingit.

“Not only is the app convenient for my passengers, because they don’t need to worry about getting cash out, it means I have more time on the road to earn money – rather than stopping off at the bank to pay in my earnings or pulling up at ATM’s for passengers with the risk of getting a hefty parking fine.”

Whether or not the trial is a success, it’s nice to know that one day we might not have to lug around a wallet full of cash.

Pingit is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. [London Evening Standard]

Featured image from London Evening Standard