Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Alpha

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Rumour has it that Samsung will be unveiling a new Galaxy smartphone in the coming weeks, one that will hit the market before Apple’s much anticipated iPhone 6. We don’t know much, but this is everything we do know about.

The hardware

Unsurprisingly for a phone that is more than likely meant to directly compete with the iPhone, and like the Galaxy S5 before it, the Galaxy Alpha is rumoured to come with a metal chassis. Reports also indicate that the phone will come with an Exynos 5 octa-core processor and a 4.7-inch AMOLED display.

Previous rumours about the next Galaxy phone (then known as the Galaxy F) indicated a 5.2-inch display, and if the Galaxy F is indeed the Galaxy Alpha it seems strange that Samsung would decide to have a smaller display.

The software

There is no word on what the Galaxy Alpha’s operating system will be so far, but logic would dictate that it will run on Android or Tizen. I’d place my bets on Android since it’s tried and tested, whereas Tizen has yet to be released on a Samsung smartphone and experimentation with the flagship model’s software isn’t particularly sensible.

The release


Korean news outlet ETNews claims that Samsung is intending to announce the Galaxy Alpha on the 13th August, which would allow them to show it off in greater detail at this year’s IFA conference.

By Tom Pritchard | July 15th, 2014