Five of the best waterproof speakers #SwimmingWeek

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Whether its for enhancing your time lounging by the pool, standing in the shower, or sailing across the expanses of the sea, there are a lot of reasons why you’d want to get your hands on a pair of waterproof speakers. You might not be planning on dunking your speakers into the water for extended periods of time, but it’s nice to know that you can if you wanted to if you got your hands on one of these five. And in case you were wondering at least a couple can bob around in the pool with you, as long as they don’t sink too far. Whether you will be able to hear much from them is another matter.

The Big Turtle Shell

It’ got an interesting design, but that’s only part of what makes The Big Turtle Shell great. This thing throws out some serious sound (up to 100 decibels worth), and isn’t that what speakers are for? All the fancy features in the world can’t make up for poor audio quality. That’s not to say The Big Turtle Shell doesn’t having any features, far from it. It has a range of 32ft, the ability to charge USB devices like your phone, and it comes with a whopping 7,800 mAh battery. Don’t know what that means? That means this thing works up to 16 hours on one charge. If that doesn’t make it worth your attention, I don’t know what will. The Turtle Shell is rated to IP4, which means that it can handle a significant amount of splash damage, but it won’t survive being completely submerged. [Available at Amazon (£80)]


An incredibly small and sturdy speaker than features dual speakers, this is one more in mind for the kind of people who want their audio in the wilderness. Voombox is not only waterproof, but it’s also small and can take some serious punishment. There’s a built in microphone so you can take your calls wirelessly, and has a wireless range of up to 10 metres. It doesn’t have the most impressive specs in the world, but it’s small enough to carry around with minimal fuss without sacrificing the strength and quality of your sound. TheVoombox is rated at IP6, which means it can’t be completely submerged, but it can survive a bout with pressurised water, like, say, a hose or a waterfall. [Available from Amazon (£65)]


UE Boom

What’s the point in having a pair of waterproof speakers if they look appalling? The UE Boom is designed to give you 360 degrees of bold sound, without having to sacrifice having a style and elegance. But that style doesn’t mean the UE Boom is any less rugged than the other speakers on this list. It’s sealed to keep liquid away from all the important parts, and the whole thing (interior and exterior) has been coated with water and stain resistant materials. But the best part? You can enhance your experience by buying two of them and linking together via NFC. The UE Boom is only rated at IP4, which means it shouldn’t be submerged, but the sealed interior means that it might fair better than most. [Available from Amazon (£132)]


Waterproofing is great, but what good is a waterproof speaker if it falls into a lake or the sea? They look a bit silly with a life jacket attached, and if they sink they’re basically gone forever. That’s the great thing about the EcoRox, because it floats on top of the water for easy retrieval. Don’t let it’s small size fool you this thing can pump out some serious sound. Whether you’ve got the nose of the shower, the waves, or the rapids around you, you will not have a problem hearing what’s coming from ECOROX. The ECOROX is rated to IP7, meaning that it is fully capable of surviving under up to a metre of water for short periods of time. Very handy if the floating feature fails. [Available from Amazon (£90)] 



Braven BRV-X

Like all the other speakers on this list the Braven BRV-X is powerful, rugged, and provides you with a great audio experience.  The key feature that makes it stand out is that it has separate modes for indoors and outdoors, meaning you don’t have to worry about it being too boisterous when you bring it in from the side of the pool. It’s also incredibly shock absorbent, so you could throw it around a bit and it would be absolutely fine. It can also charge your devices, and with the 5,200 mAh battery, it should last you quite a while. The BRV-X is also rated to IP7, which means it will still work underwater. It’s probably not a good idea to leave it there for too long though. [Available from Amazon (£200)]

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By Tom Pritchard | July 18th, 2014