HattrickWear is a ridiculous budget alternative to Google Glass

Tom Pritchard Gadgets Leave a Comment

Let’s be honest, the £1,000 price tag attached to Google Glass is far more than most people would be able to afford, and it also makes you look a bit daft. Fortunately you can now get yourself some even stupider looking augmented reality for a fraction of the price.

HattrickWear is an extension for your hat that you can pug your phone into that uses prisms to let you interact with it on the go. Once it’s all in place you can interact with your phone with gestures, voice control, and screen swiping. So, like you would interact with it normally then.

Not only does HattrickWear have a unique design that distributes the weight around your head, it also doesn’t obstruct your vision while you’re  out and about. You look like enough of a buffoon wearing this anyway, so at least you don’t have to worry about walking into things.

Come on people, there are better ways to do augmented reality than this. [designboom]

HattrickWear.com from Omar Isaac on Vimeo.