Details of HTC’s “One Wear” smartwatch leak

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Everyone’s getting into the business of smartwatches these days, and it’s a surprise that HTC has got so far without any leak or announcements. That’s not the case anymore, now that prolific leaker @evleaks has given us our first glimpse at HTC’s One Wear smartwatch.

Above is an artist’s reproduction of the watch, showing off the square face and a strap made from the same dark metal as the HTC One M8. Interestingly the watch supposedly runs on Android Wear but, as the above picture shows, it appears to have a skin closely matching HTC Sense.

This is a leak so it shouldn’t be taken as absolute fact, but it’s good to see that HTC is gtting into the game. [@evleaks via DigitalSpy]

By Tom Pritchard | July 21st, 2014