The Galaxy Note 4’s UV sensor will say when you’re getting too much sun

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If leaks are to be believed, the UV sensor that is coming bundled with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 will inform users on the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

Functioning with the phone’s S Health app, the phone can give a numerical reading of how harmful the current conditions are. 0-2 is low risk, 3-5 is moderate, 5-7 is high, 8-10 is very high, 11+ is extreme.

Also included will be a selection of facts about hat the sun can do to a person, along with the debunking of popular solar myths such as “you can’t get sunburnt on a cloudy day” and “UV radiation in winter is not harmful”.

The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be on display at this year’s IFA, and a September release is rumoured. [SamMobile via TechRadar]