This digital tattoo can be used to unlock your Moto X

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It’s a bit of a pain using passcodes, or patterns, or even pictures of your face to unlock your phone, but it’s definitely better than leaving it open for the world to access. Fortunately Motorola has developed a temporary  so-called digital tattoo that your phone could scan to unlock.

Tattoo might not be the right word, since it’s actually a sticky NFC tag, but it’s the product of a partnership between Motorola and VivaLnk. How do you get hold of them? You can buy them straight from VivaLnk for $10 (£6) for a pack of ten, which each one lasting five days

While it’s currently restricted to the Moto X, it’s nice to know that this sort of thing could, one day, become a reality. Even if it does only function to save you a couple of seconds when you check your email. [Motorola via Engadget]