Microsoft CEO confirms that Windows will merge into one OS

Tom Pritchard Gadgets Leave a Comment

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has confirmed that all versions of windows will soon merge into one operating system that will be available on all devices.

“We will streamline the next version of Windows from three operating systems into one single converged operating system for screens of all sizes. We will unify our stores, commerce and developer platforms to drive a more coherent user experience and a broader developer opportunity.”

This isn’t a new idea, it was blatantly obvious that the metro screen in Windows 8 was an attempt to have some sort of universal system across Windows and Windows Phone devices, and in April Microsoft openly discussed allowing developers to create apps that would work on Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox devices.

I’m not so sure it’s such a great idea seeing as how the changes to Windows 8 annoyed an incredible amount of people, but if Microsoft is insistent on moving forward with this concept then I hope they take their time and do it properly. [Neowin via CNET]