The top 10 Xbox games of 2014 so far

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We’re half way through the year, and we’ve seen some great releases for both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. We decided to look back and find you the ten top Xbox games from 2014 to make sure you didn’t miss a thing.

1. Wolfenstein: The New Order

The Wolfenstein series returns to top form with the latest instalment of the over-the-top Nazi-killing shooter franchise. Rather than being set in World War 2, The New Order is set in the 1960s — two decades after the Nazis won World War 2 and conquered the globe. You return as “B.J.” Blazkowicz as he wakes from a twenty year coma to discover what happened in the aftermath of the war, and his mission to bring down the new Nazi world order. (Xbox One, Xbox 360)

2. Titanfall

The must have game for the Xbox One, Titanfall is a multiplayer first person shooter with two distinct play styles. You can play as a free-running pilot, or you can use that pilot to control and fight with giant mechs known as “Titans”. Let’s be honest, one of those sounds a lot more run that the other. There’s no offline gaming, but you do get to play as giant killer robots, which is never a bad thing. (Xbox One, Xbox 360)

3. Watch Dogs

In a world where games tend to follow the same sort Call of Duty-esque formula, Watch Dogs is breath of fresh air. Set in a futuristic version of Chicago, you play as Aiden Pierce, a hacker who has set out to avenge the death of his niece by hacking an manipulating the city-wide operating system cTOS which manages every aspect of the city. Rather than following a set route and formula, Watch Dogs is open world is depends on you making your own decisions on how to progress, think Grand Theft Auto but instead of using guns, you’re using a smartphone. (Xbox One, Xbox 360)

4. Valiant Hearts: The Great War

A puzzle adventure game set during the First World War, Valiant Hearts is a heart-warming tale inspired by letters from the front. The purpose of the game is to take control of one of four characters, and to help a German soldier find his true love. It’s a sidescroller and you shouldn’t expect it to be an upbeat story, but it’s a brilliant game and one everybody should play. (Xbox One, Xbox 360)

5. Sniper Elite 3

Another war game, this time focussing on stealth and killing from afar rather than the more outlandish tactics you can employ in WolfensteinSniper Elite 3 is set in northern Africa and you take on the role of an OSS sniper who learns of a secret weapon that the Nazis will be using to give them the upper hand. One of the main pros of this game is that you can purchase DLC where the goal is to assassinate none other than Hitler himself. If that doesn’t seal the deal for you, I don’t know what will. (Xbox one, Xbox 360)

6. South Park: The Stick of Truth

What amounts to a long, interactive episode of South Park, The Stick of Truth is a turn-based RPG that lets you take control of “The New Kid”, who has just moved into the titular town. With it’s own twist on the RPG formula, and a plot worthy of even the best episodes of the show, this is a game that any fan should be playing. Those who aren’t fans, on the other hand, may have trouble enjoying the game to it’s fullest, but it’s still a funny, satirical take on the RPG genre. (Xbox 360)

7. Dark Souls II

The original Dark Souls game was known for being obscenely difficult, and the sequel is no different. You take control of a character of your creation on a quest to do… something. Nobody is quite sure what the plot is about. But it follows much of the same gameplay as our standard medieval RPG, and while it can be confusing and infuriatingly hard, it can also be a lot of fun to play. (Xbox 360)

8. Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect is one of the more interesting games to be released this year, since you take control of Ronan O’Connor, a recently murdered detective who cannot move on from the physical plain until he has finished his business in the real world. That business being capturing the man who killed him, a serial killer he had been pursuing. The supernatural crime aspect is nice change from the usual games, and while the game itself isn’t very long it is enough to keep you in suspense throughout. (Xbox One, Xbox 360)

9. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

This is a spin-off of the popular mobile game, and mixes aspects of third-person shooters and tower defence games. You take control of either the plants of the zombies and complete challenges in co-op or competitive play to level up. Unlike a lot of game, Garden Warfare doesn’t take itself too seriously, with emphasis on just enjoying the game. Isn’t that what gaming is all about? (Xbox One, Xbox 360)

10. Fable Anniversary

This is quite simply a remake of the original Fable game that was released in 2004. Set in the mythical world of Albion, you take control of a hero on a quest to avenge the destruction of his village that occurred when he was a child, as well as rescuing his kidnapped sister. Fable is an interesting game because of the various options you have whilst playing that will affect your appearance and how the in-game citizens react to you. Regularly go on murderous rampages and crime sprees? Your appearance will look more evil and people will treat you like a monster, with the opposite being true. (Xbox 360)

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