Top 10 Best Beatles Buys: including Vans pumps, Apple onesie and Yellow submarine wellies! #BeatlesWeek

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It may have been 50 years since they first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show and ‘broke’ America, but The Beatles legacy remains not just in their music, but in their spin-off merchandise too. T-Shirts, Russian dolls, coasters, cufflinks. You name it, you can buy it – much of it is tacky and just uninspired reproductions of album covers etc.

But amidst all the cheap tat there are some really nice pieces of memorabilia. Here we pick our 10 favourite Best Beatles Buys, starting off with the brand new range of Yellow Submarine Vans. Money can’t buy you love maybe, but it can buy you some great products by which to remember one of the most innovative and influential bands of all time.



1. Vans Beatles collection – from $65

These look great don’t they? Inspired by the Fab Four and graphics from their legendary album and film, the brand new range includes several different designs. Included in the group are the Vans Sk8-Hi, the Vans Era, the Vans Authentic, and the Vans Slip-On. Here’s a pair of the Vans Era Yellow Submarine edition below:

beatles vans


 2. Beatles 1967 dress shirt £45

From a distance this might look like an ordinary blue shirt but take a closer look and you will see it features a Beatles 1967 Heat shot motif pattern throughout. Very nice indeed. Manufactured from 100% cotton.


3. Beatles Onesie $20

Get ’em young that’s what I say. Before they discover their own goddamn awful music. What better time than when they are still in nappies, or diapers if you prefer. This onesie (it would have been called a romper suit back in the Beatles’ day) is available in various sizes up to 24 months from the US (sadly no adult sizes yet).

Beatles ceramic mugs

4.  Yellow Submarine Ceramic Oval mug $8.99

Of course there’s a choice of hundreds of different types of Beatles mugs if you scour the net. Most of them are just prints from the albums. But these stand out as the most visually inspiring, like giant egg cups. Beautifully curved with designs on the inside and out, they are – like most Beatles merchandise these days – inspired by Yellow Submarine and the Blue Meanies.



5. Charles Hawtrey and The Deaf Aids T-Shirt £12.99

‘I dig a pygmy by Charles Hawtrey and The Deaf Aids. Phase one in which Doris gets her Oats’. So begins the beautiful ‘Two of Us’, a Paul McCartney number preceded on Let It Be by John Lennon’s nonsense words. Available in blue, green, red and black this T Shirt certainly looks cool.
Beatles lunch box

6.  Beatles Anthology Tin Tote lunch box £14.99

Amazingly 40 years on you can still get a wide selection of Beatles lunch boxes. This is my favourite with The Anthology artwork design but there are others with Hard Days Night and, of course Yellow Submarine.

yellow submarine wellies


7. Yellow Submarine Wellies £20

Aren’t these Yellow Submarine kids’ Wellies cute? Not as if wearing wellies in a submarine will do you any good at all if it springs a leak. Available in kids’ sizes from UK size 4 to 13.



Beatles watch


8. Beatles watch $39.95

This large stainless steel analogue watch will make a great gift for the Beatles fan who has (almost) everything.

9. Beatles Monopoly Collector’s Edition £29.99

This completely customised game features various properties including Apple Records and Abbey Road Studios along with every album released by the Beatles allowing fans to create their own private music anthology. Instead of playing with a boot or a hat, you get six collectible tokens including Strawberry (Strawberry Fields Forever), Walrus (I Am The Walrus), Raccoon (Rocky Raccoon), Sun (Here Comes The Sun), Octopus (Octopus’s Garden) and Hammer (Maxwell’s Silver Hammer). Amazingly you can buy the product here at Asda Direct.

10. Revolver jumper £34.99

What more can we say about this. It’s a jumper. It’s got the 1966 Revolver album cover on it. It looks cool with long black sleeves. Go buy it (well perhaps leave it until it turns a bit nippier).