This is supposedly the chassis for the iPad Air 2

Tom Pritchard Gadgets Leave a Comment


Pictures of what are claimed to be the chassis for the iPad Air 2 have leaked online via Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo. The design changes are all minor, but they match up to what we saw from the dummy models that leaked in June.

So what has changed? The main changes are all internal, with screw anchors and mounting brackets all being moved around — no doubt to accommodate the new hardware. On the outside we can see that the mute button has been removed in favour of some sort of pinhole, the microphone has been moved so that it’s next to the rear camera, and the speaker grill is made up of larger holes than before.

Also new is the cut out Apple logo which we first saw with the Retina version of the iPad Mini, most likely this is to accommodate wireless communications components.

So far the iPad Air 2 has been stuck in the shadow of the upcoming iPhone 6, meaning we haven’t heard very much about it. What we have heard is that the device is supposed to come with an “A8” processor, and will include the TouchID fingerprint scanner. [Sina Weibo via Apple Insider]