The Lomography LCA+ lets you take retro photos wherever you are

Tom Pritchard Gadgets Leave a Comment


There might be a time when you’re tired of taking high-res digital photos that you have to upload to your PC, instead you might be yearning for the days of film photography. Well thanks to the Lomography LCA+ you can revisit those days with an instant camera that takes not one, but two types of film.

By default, the LCA+ takes FujiMax Mini Film, but an attachment can be used to bring back the glory days of 35mm. Not only that but the LCA+ also allows you to print your photos wherever you are, so you don’t have to settle for looking at them on a viewscreen until you get home. Other features include the ability to add a splash of colour to your photos, creating double exposure shots, and you can even attach a wide angle lens for a better perspective in the final print.

The Lomography LCA+ is available here for £279.