Eeek – Chelsea fans react to Man City’s controversial Lampard deal

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8066831861_7df0c519e1_k In a move that surprised pretty much everyone Frank Lampard turned his back on Chelsea and moved to New York City FC this year as a free agent. And then in an even bigger twist Man City announced that the England player would be joining them on loan. And all because New York City FC is owned by, you guessed it, Man City. It certainly upset Arsene Wenger who has questioned Man City’s ethics and their way of getting players. Here are some more reactions to the controversial deal:

Frank might have thought it hard to leave after 12 years, but I guess it only took another year to clear his conscience.

Seeing Lampard in a different shade of blue will be upsetting for all Chelsea fans.

Chelsea will have to face many of their previously loved players this season, it will be weird seeing them play for the wrong team.

Lampard’s move will be reminiscent of the time when Chelsea fans decided to change camps.

Though Lampard is leaving us, he will remain a Chelsea legend, and will still be respected.

By Harry Finegold | August 5th, 2014

  • CiTyBlUe

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  • CiTyBlUe

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