Vieira back at Arsenal – is this a big clue?

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Like a lot of Arsenal fans it still grates me that the player who more than any other symbolised the Invincibles era is now embedded in the management team at Man City.

But might Patrick Vieira’s sojourn at City be just a temporary one. There’s an interesting story in the Evening Standard today which explains how the ex Gunner is about to spend a lot of money on his Hampstead home. Vieira apparently has planning permission to demolish the £3 million house he owns and build a new one.

Of course he might be aspiring to a property moghul status pioneered among premiership footballers by one Robbie Fowler? And owning a home in London sounds like a sensible financial move given house price inflation.

But then again is he creating a long term home for his family to move into in say a year or two’s time?

Might it be that Vieira is learning the ropes up north managing City reserves in preparation for a move to his football and spiritual home as first team boss with his mentor heading upstairs? And if he is eyeing a place on the Arsenal front bench has anyone told Steve Bould?

Here’s what Paddy’s new house will look like.


By Ashley | August 5th, 2014

  • steve

    he should be at ARSENAL now.

  • gordon cobb

    Wishful thinking why would he want to go back to a club that shows no ambition and very little prospects of winning anything in the next few years.

  • CiTyBlUe

    Keep on dreaming, one day he will become Manchester City’s coach, clear case of delusionally looking to much into some uninteresting and irrelevant story about Vieira building a new home, is it so hard to believe that he just wants to have a nice new house in a place he likes, not like it’s that far a commute between London and Manchester is it. You arsenal fans really are a delusional and hilariously surreal bunch, you all attack players that leave your club after years of loyal service, support an idiot in the form of Arsene Wenger who until now refused to spend money to keep you at the top, who also never replaced any of the invincibles with world class talent and does nothing but whine like a baby, he’s a total embarrassment and continues to get all the lime light and credit for an academy he doesn’t even control or run. Claim you never bought or buy success but your club shelled out for a state of the art academy and stadium worthy of Champions League requirement. Banter around like you’re all something special, No really, you are not Barcelona and never will be. Seriously.

  • Man shitty

    What a never existed before your rich sheik.

  • Gunner86

    What a ridiculous, pumped-up troll you really are. Calm down. The article was clearly a light hearted, nothing story that you correctly point out is rather irrelevant.
    As for your over the top attack of Wenger, I can only assume you are a relatively new fan of Man City as a more mature fan (in both Senses of the word) would remember from your clubs own experience that football has it’s ups and downs. You haven’t always been a mega rich club capable of buying world stars so maybe a little more understanding is needed of Wenger who didn’t refuse to replace the invinciblesbut rather didn’t have the money to do so as the club had to pay off our stadium debt. Enjoy your current success, I must admit you certainly are an attractive football team to watch and wanted you to win last year due to that reason but remember money doesn’t buy class as your first post beautifully demonstrates.

  • CiTyBlUe

    You have the bollocks to tell me I should offer Arsene Wenger understanding, the guy has personally attacked Manchester City FC and any opportunity. Get lost somewhere will you.

  • StuBo

    Total bell end, or 16 years old and a bit dull up top?

  • ChrisCross

    Kind of sums you up very succinctly.

    When it comes to lacking class Wenger displays that aspect in bucket loads. Take a look at the City web site some time if you want to see a club run with the professionalism and high standards that Wenger often expects others to aspire to but singularly fails to meet himself.

    Wenger in short clearly has problems reconciling his micro managing approach to finance (“you want two paper clips and a biro?”) and the desire of Arsenals fans to have a team worthy of challenging at the very top. Or put it another way he doesn’t mind earning a kings ransom himself but hates the idea of his own players being adequately rewarded.

  • ChrisCross

    Typical half wit knuckle dragging Arsenal plastic fan. You have some very rich owners. The main difference being they singularly refuse to invest in the club other than seeing it as a cow to be miked much like the Glazers your type of fans idolise.

  • ChrisCross

    Patrick just loves being at a club being very professionally run where he is allowed to flourish and learn, rather than the Wenger management style where its all about him and his rather flaky ego.

  • Aa

    Im amazed of this short term memory these little brother of United have, its not so strange for Paddy to come back to Arsenal he obviously loves the club.

  • Dan

    Hehe You dog f k. Gotta laugh

  • Plastic city

    Man shitty a club always looking to destroy football looking to buy 5 clubs world wide so they can buy up players then lone them to shitty. World football needs to kick this club out of football altogether they are cheats with no pride and plastic fans .p

  • Uwe Rossler

    Take the log out of your eye, you fackin mug. Surely you accept that without the Qataris’ blood money, your club would be the poor cousins of the Trafford mob? #perspectivemofkr

  • Reggaetron

    Paddy ain’t coming back. He took the Qatari shekel and he’s basically pimping for the playboys on a superannuated salary.

  • Andrew Peate

    Ha ha ha, what is your richest director Usmanov then?, his countrymen shoot innocent passenger jets out of the sky, but his money is ok is it. Oh, and get it right you uneducated chimp, our owners are from Abu Dhabi not quatar.

  • Fabian

    Lots of very immature people knocking about (but funny as well), it’s not an unbelievable thought to think that Viera will go back to Arsenal, although I think it’s been as good as signed that he will become city’s manager, he seems an honourable kind of guy so if that’s the case wouldn’t imagine he would jump ship. I like arsenal but I don’t like idiots, city have always existed and used to get more fans at Maine road in the lower leagues than Arsenal did at highbury, so leave it alone will ya, 16 mill on chambers was the biggest inflation you could give to English players to mr wenger.

  • Ross Thomas

    Even if all your insults are true it doesn’t change the fact that City were not a successful club until the shieks rolled in. Your arguments don’t make sense.

  • Ross Thomas

    Usmanov doesn’t fund Arsenal in any way, though he’d like to. Do your research before calling people uneducated?

  • James

    What’s hilarious about CiTyBlUe’s comment is that he calls us delusional, oh the irony. You wouldn’t be on these boards if it weren’t for your sheikh, so go on and put your towel over your head and dance like the buffoon that you really are in your mum’s basement, just like the all the other idiot fans did when the Arab took over.


    Gooners clutching at straws……not heard that one before!

  • CiTyBlUe

    Quatari shekel?, you mugs, our owner is from, in Abu Dhabi, you Arsenal fans need seriously educating instead of roaming the streets mugging little old ladies pensions and young kids mobile phones, thinking you’re all some kind of American home boy gangsters. Go out and find a job instead of sponging off our DWP and get off the drugs.

  • Nico76

    Yeah and Man United would have won the last 10 league titles as your bunch of muppets wouldn’t have put up a challenge.

  • Nico76

    Bunch of pious tools that bang on about us ruining football while handing over obscene amounts of money to watch their team. Yeah that’s really good for the game.


    They don’t even know what they are complaining about. Quatari sheik?? At least do some research re what you are moaning about.

  • DirtyVegas13

    Idiot, if you’re going to complain about people getting your owners nationalities wrong, don’t then A) Get the same thing wrong, and B) try to allign that with him being a terrorist.

    Usmanov is from Uzbekistan, his countrymen are not terrorists. Abu Dhabi still cut off hands for thefts, imprison for kissing in public, stone homosexuals, and generally beat the working class. You support a civil rights crime every time you watch your team.

  • Andrew Peate

    Don’t delude yourself, Usmanov will be one of the monkeys having their assets seized and chased out of the uk soon by the government because they support terrorists like Putin so are in effect are terrorists themselves, to compare Abu Dhabi is nonsense, why is their laws which are very clear and the consequences of breaking them so wrong?, clowns like you probably would argue that paedaphiles are misunderstood and should be supported, you won’t find many thieves, rapists and child abusers in Abu Dhabi because the consequences are vast, no wonder our country is in such a mess when idiots like you exist.

  • shockandawe

    Your unemployment rate is higher than ours you melt. da dong dong donk

  • Dima

    All of the man shitty fans here are the most delusional anti – liberty bunch I have ever come across. Your sheik bought your freedom. Freedom of press, you morons. You don’t like the dreamy article, go hug an electric transformer.

  • redindica

    What happens when ISIS take over whatever slaving country your owner hails from and strict Sharia law is implimented and all of your team get sold into white slavery, what will you do then shunshine? Didnt think of that did you, you new money twerp.

  • TrueGoon

    If he ever gets his chance he will never be as successful a manager as he was a player. Never. And he will certainly not become manager for AFC.

  • DirtyVegas13

    You assume a hell of a lot, and assuming just makes an ass out of you. The fact that you jump on paedophiles as your first reference against me says more about you than me. Clearly Paedophiles and in fact, any sexual assault is heinous and should be dealt with appropriately.

    Once again though, you seem to have let the point fly right over your head. Do you not see the difference between punishing a thief and a homosexual? Being punished for who you are rather than what you do is wrong. If you can’t see the difference jog on, this conversation isn’t for your input. If you can now see the difference, understand what I am saying. Civil rights are still a major issue in UAE + surrounding areas. They are now talking about banning poor people from driving. Trust me, you would count as poor there. How would you feel if your car was taken from you based on your pay cheque? Pretty shitty I’m sure.

    Oh and if Usmanov is forced out the country, the UK government have to make up their minds, they’ve spent the last decade creating Russian Oligarch friendly legislation, and if handled poorly will force Putin to edge back to 1988.

  • Gooner

    You’re just the spurs of Manchester pal, you always will be 🙂

  • Andrew Peate

    You really are a one dimensional looney lefty aren’t you?, why can’t you accept that if Abu Dhabi want to have laws you may think are draconian, they don’t have the right to do so as any sovereign state does including our own. I notice arse-senal in their greed didn’t have the same moralistic values they preach when they accepted money from Emarites in sponsorship and accepted the Abu Dhabi money from City when they were selling players like Adebayor, clichey, Toure and Nasri, in fact the clowns accepted the money greedily and claimed they were doing it the “right way” by being self sufficient. A bit hypocritical of Wenger and the rest of you blind morons don’t you think?. You can’t have it both ways and I repeat, Abu Dhabi are not blowing innocent passenger aircraft out of the sky like your directors mates are, have a good think about that while your mate Usmanov gets shunned for supporting Putin and terrorism, Frankly I don’t think the west care about Putin sending it all back to pre 1998, after all why should terrorists like Putin and his supporters like Usmanov be appeased?

  • DirtyVegas13

    1998? haha I’ll take it that was a typo.

    You seem to be confusing selling players with £400m sponsorships and then borrowing players through other clubs owned by the same people.

    Then you follow that up by saying the Russian president and an Uzbek businessman must be friends because they have been seen together and they obviously plan and/or fund overseas operations together. Thats why Usmanoz lives in the UK and Switzeland rather than in Moscow with his best buddy. By the same assumptions, you’re English, so you must have had a hand in killing 1000’s of Iraqi citizens then.

    Oh and Usmanoz is not a director. Get your facts right. Shareholder, not Director.

  • Andrew Peate

    Dirty Vegas, stop making yourself look a plank, why can’t you accept you are wrong and your arguments have no foundation whatsoever, unlike Usmanovs terrorist links with Putin!
    Again, to not accept that if Abu Dhabi’s money is dirty and undesirable, why did arsenal grab it and embrace it, also you said in one of your mad ramblings that the UAE is a bad place, if so why have one of their highest profile businesses sponsor your stadium and shirts? – I’ll tell you why, hypocrisy.
    Why don’t you just admit that you are jealous and can’t compete, you have a lame duck manager who should be pensioned off, you are nationally hated as a club for your pious attitude to everything outside of arsehole FC, and your club rip you off more than any other club when it comes to ticket prices.

    I prefer our fantastic owners model thanks, low ticket prices, stadium and academy investment, investment in the city and within local communities, fan involvement and consultation before major decisions taken and last but not least, lots and lots of lovely trophies. In contrast you have a bony Skelton of a manager who’s only claim to fame is whinging loudly, the highest ticket prices in English football and minimal investment in the team ensuring you win f**K all for many years. Keep it mate and enjoy supporting your money grabbing club