Vieira back at Arsenal – is this a big clue?

Ashley Football 36 Comments

Like a lot of Arsenal fans it still grates me that the player who more than any other symbolised the Invincibles era is now embedded in the management team at Man City.

But might Patrick Vieira’s sojourn at City be just a temporary one. There’s an interesting story in the Evening Standard today which explains how the ex Gunner is about to spend a lot of money on his Hampstead home. Vieira apparently has planning permission to demolish the £3 million house he owns and build a new one.

Of course he might be aspiring to a property moghul status pioneered among premiership footballers by one Robbie Fowler? And owning a home in London sounds like a sensible financial move given house price inflation.

But then again is he creating a long term home for his family to move into in say a year or two’s time?

Might it be that Vieira is learning the ropes up north managing City reserves in preparation for a move to his football and spiritual home as first team boss with his mentor heading upstairs? And if he is eyeing a place on the Arsenal front bench has anyone told Steve Bould?

Here’s what Paddy’s new house will look like.