More iPhone 6 hardware specs and photos leak

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iphone 6 embedded logo 640x509

We thought we’d heard everything there was to know about the iPhone 6 already, especially now that we know when it’s probably going to be unveiled. We were wrong, there’s still plenty of information about the phone that we don’t know and plenty of images to show us what it might look like.

VentureBeat claims to have a rundown of the iPhone 6’s hardware that we don’t already know about. What’s there? Well for starters they confirm that the phone’s processor will indeed be an A8 (up from the 5S’s A7) and will have 2GHz per core. Unfortunately we don’t know how many cores will be present. It could be a dual-core, like the 5S and 5C, or it could be a quad-core like most of the phones produced by the competition. A dual-core processor would put them behind the competition though.

The site also claims that NFC is a certainty and can be used for mobile payments. Sadly it claims that the iPhone 6 will not have a full sapphire glass display, instead having one that is halfway between sapphire and Gorilla Glass in terms of strength. The fingerprint reader will reportedly reduce scanning time, and has been improved to cut down the number of false rejections.

The final piece of information VentureBeat shared was a rumoured authentication system between the iPhone 6 and certain models of Beats — a system that will apparently utilise a lightning connection. What that entails is unknown.

iphone 6 recessed volume 640x203

Also making their way round the web are a set of new photos courtesy of Feld & Volk. The photos show off sections of the iPhone 6’s chassis where the volume buttons will be, the Apple logo, and a protruding rear camera. ¬†According to the site the volume buttons will be slightly recessed to prevent hitting them accidentally, and the logo will be made from a scratch resistant liquid metal alloy.

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The protruding camera is interesting, because it goes against every design feature Apple has implemented for a number of years.

As always, these are rumours and shouldn’t be taken as fact. Fortunately we shouldn’t have to wait very long since the device is expected to be officially announced on 9th September. [VentureBeat, Ubergizmo]