A patent suggests that A Siri-esque assistant might be coming to OS X

Tom Pritchard Gadgets Leave a Comment

The blurred lines between iOS 8 and OS X continues with the revelation of one of Apple’s latest patents: a voice assistant, not quite unlike Siri, for the Mac. Currently it’s official name is the “Intelligent digital assistant in a desktop environment”.

According to the patent the assistant will be able to recognise voice and text input, and will be powered by an off-site engine. The mobile version of Siri as it stands is mostly for quick actions and a bit of fun, but it appears that the desktop version will be a lot more useful. As the documents describe it will function as “a third hand”.

Imagine being able to use Siri to search through your documents in the background instead of doing it yourself and waiting for the results to load?

There’s no sort of timeframe for this feature to be released, if it gets released at all, but it’s nice to see that Apple is continuing its efforts to make the desktop and mobile environments not dissimilar. [AppleInsider]


By Tom Pritchard | August 8th, 2014