iPhone 6 and retail box pictures leak, but they might be fake

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iPhone 6 leaked photos

The leaks might be winding down in the run-up to the iPhone 6’s launch event, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped altogether. The folks over at TechRadar have got hold of images that are supposed to be of Apple’s highly anticipated phone and the box it will be sold in.

The site claims that the images came from an “Apple beta tester” who refused to provide any other information. They also claim that the EXIF data seems to collaborate the idea that the pictures themselves are not elaborate fakes. Apparently their guts tell them that the photos are genuine, but they are open to the possibility that they are fakes. Which is good, because a lot of other people seem to think they are.

The folks over at Product Reviews definitely think that the box is not the genuine article. Why? Because the artwork on the front doesn’t match iOS 8. The colour scheme is different, and one key feature is missing altogether: The HealthKit app. Considering that’s one of iOS 8’s features that Apple has been pushing  it’s an extremely odd thing to not include on the front of the box. Plus, the box says iPhone 6. Which iPhone 6? Everything indicates that there are going to be two, and it wouldn’t make much sense for Apple to not differentiate between them with some sort of identifying suffix — even if they are planning on staggering the releases.

We can speculate all we like, but we’re not going to get anywhere until Apple unveils the real thing. Fortunately, if the rumours are to be believed, that won’t be a very long wait. [TechRadar via Product Reviews]