Beatles For Sale: Top 10 Beatles Gadgets #BeatlesWeek

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The Beatles legacy carries on not only through their music, but also through the weird and wonderful merchandise still available. Die hard Beatles fans have there bathrooms all Peppered up, or their cars looking look yellow submarines. And here are 10 must have Beatles gadgets:


1. The Beatles Rockband – £199.99

Don’t just listen to their music, play it too! Don’t worry; it doesn’t take years of playing to master. Just plug in and rock out.


2. Beatles Lamp – £50

The Beatles enlightened the world with their music. Now they can literally light up your living room with these lamps. Personal favourite is the Yellow Submarine lamp.


3. The Beatles Story – FREE

This free app will entertain any Beatles connoisseur as well as the Beatles newbie. Hear previously untold stories, watch rare videos and interviews, and then quiz yourself on your knowledge.


4. Yellow Submarine Clock

Remember the timeless classics with this timepiece. With a colourful psychedelic case and the Fab Four featuring on the face, this clock is a groovy piece of memorabilia. Unfortunately the last one was sold for $800.

cd player

5. Compact Disc Player – POA

Don’t let the name fool you. This original 1998 CD player is made to look like a vinyl player. It also has a colour photo of the Beatles on the inside of the lid. Perfect for listening to your Abbey Road CD.


6. Yellow Submarine Jukebox – £5,000

We all know jukeboxes are awesome, but this Yellow Submarine themed one is something else. Put your entire Beatles album on it, or sing along with its microphone accessory. You can also plug in you iPod to play your tunes. But be quick, this the last one for sale!


7. The Beatles Apple Flash Drive – From £165

Only 30,000 of these 16GB flash drives exist. On them you can find 14 stereo remastered Beatles albums, 13 mini documentaries, replicated album art, rare photos and expanded liner notes.


8. Yellow Submarine Pinball Machine – £65

This pinball machine is perfect for your home or office. A great novelty piece, which is fun for children and adults, it never gets boring with the colourful flashing lights and sound effects.


9. Green Apple Pocket Lighter – £23

This simple Zippo lighter is small, but still carries the Beatles name on it.


10. Beatles Themed Car – Not for sale

Sadly this car is not for sale. However, you have to take your hat off to this guy for the amazing design. Nor it just the exterior, he even customised the interior! This guy takes being a Beatles fan to the next level.