iPhone 6 battery specs leak, is larger than expected

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So far leaks and rumours have indicated that the iPhone 6’s battery will have an 1,810 mAh capacity,  only a minor step up from the iPhone 5S’s 1,440 mAh battery. But now new information has come to like which should put some concerns about the upcoming phone’s battery life to rest, because it’s being reported that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 (now rumoured to be called the iPhone 6L) is going to come with a whopping 2,910 mAh capacity in its battery.

Sadly the 4.7-inch battery is still rumoured to be 1,810 mAh, considerably less than most other flagship phones that have tended to come with at least 2,500 mAh, but it’s good news for iPhone users since there may be a phone that is comparable with the competition. In all honesty, with each passing day it seems like the only way to get the best possible iPhone 6 experience will be to buy the larger handset.

But remember, all the battery capacity in the world is useless if the phone is inefficient and power hungry, but having a larger supply of power to draw from is definitely a considerable advantage, particularly when the likes of the Sony’s Xperia Z2 claims to be able to last 2-3 days on a single charge. In any case none of this has been confirmed by Apple itself, so we’ll have to wait until the official unveiling before we find out any definite details. [Nowhereelse.fr via Ubergizmo]