More details on Apple’s reversible USB cable emerge

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Yesterday we heard about the possibility of Apple bundling a reversible USB cable with the iPhone 6, and today more pictures and even a patent have been revealed that corroborate the idea that it’s at least something Apple is considering.

uSwitch claims that they have pictures of the new cable’s box, which they claim lends more credence to the idea that Apple will be releasing it to the public before the end of the year. The problem is that the boxes they’re showing off are exactly the same as the box the current lightning adaptor ships in.

9to5Mac, on the other hand, have something more interesting to share — details of what is supposed to be Apple’s patent for the reversible cable. The patent was filed in early 2013 and describes the cable like so:

Embodiments can provide reversible or dual orientation USB plug connectors for mating with standard USB receptacle connectors, e.g., a standard Type A USB receptacle connector. Accordingly, the present invention may be compatible with any current or future electronic device that includes a standard USB receptacle connector. USB plug connectors according to the present invention can have a 180 degree symmetrical, double orientation design, which enables the plug connector to be inserted into a corresponding receptacle connector in either of two intuitive orientations

It’s looking more and more likely that the cable is a legitimate Apple product, but it’s unclear whether or not it’ll be ready for release any time soon. [uSwitch9to5Mac via BGR]