Reports state that the iPhone 6 won’t have a RAM upgrade

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It seems to have got to the stage in the rumour mill where there is so little to report on that people have just started making things up. Thanks to a screenshot of what is supposed to be iPhone 6 schematics posted on Chinese forum Weibo, people are reporting that the iPhone 6 will only come with 1GB of RAM, the same as the iPhone 5S.

A move like this would make absolutely no sense, especially since all other leaks and rumours indicate that there will be significant upgrades to all the other hardware in the device. Disappointing as the rumoured 4.7-inch model’s battery might be, it’s still an upgrade.

Fortunately 9to5Mac has pointed out that the schematic might be detailing a NAND flash component, which isn’t RAM and might be detailing some hardware like the NFC chip. Which is good news for Apple fans. Hopefully all will be revelaed next month. [Weibo, 9to5Mac via BGR]