Could LG reveal the G Watch 2 at IFA next month?

Tom Pritchard Gadgets Leave a Comment


LG’s G Watch might have only been released a few months ago but, if rumours are to be believed, the company is already planning on unveiling an upgrade version of the smartwatch at the IFA conference in Berlin next month. If that’s true, it would mean that LG is planning on mimicking Samsung’s smartwatch release schedule by releasing a new updated model every few months.

We don’t know much about the watch, just that it’s expected to be unveiled alongside LG’s newest rumoured phablet and will come with a circular OLED display and a Qualcomm CPU.

It does seem a bit soon for a new release, but there could be a number of factors involved in that decision. First of all the G Watch wasn’t that brilliant, so a newer, better, model could be LG’s way of apologising. Secondly the highly anticipated Moto 360 is also rumoured to launch at IFA, so LG may have fastracked the release to compete. Finally the smartwatch business is still up in the air, and there isn’t really a standard idea of what should be included. By doing a Samsung and releasing a new watch every few months LG can effectively test the market to see what is popular and what is not.

It’s still a rumour right now, and we should treat it as such. But we should be hearing more about the G Watch 2 in the coming weeks and months regardless. [The Korea Times via Know Your Mobile]