The iPad Air 2 could get 2GB of RAM, the iPad Mini 3 may not be so lucky

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Reports came out earlier this week that claimed the iPhone 6 wouldn’t be having a RAM upgrade, and understandably some people were disappointed in case it was actually true. Well reports have come out today that provide us with some good news and some bad news: the iPad Air 2 might be getting an upgrade to 2GB of RAM, but the iPad Mini 3 will not be so lucky and will stick with the same 1GB present in the iPad Mini 2.

Cult of Mac has speculated the extra GB in the iPad Air 2 is to facilitate the split-screen multi-tasking feature in iOS 8, but if that is the case why don’t the other Apple devices need the same upgrade? Something sounds a little odd about that claim.

The problem is that we don’t know all that much about the iPad Air 2, since all the rumours have been focussing on the iPhone 6. What we think we know, though, is that the updated tablet will feature an A8 processor and a TouchID fingerprint scanner. No word on any possible release, but word is that the only Apple devices present at next month’s press event will be both iPhone 6 models. The unveiling of updated iPads is expected at a separate event in October. [ via MacLife]