The Windows Phone HTC One M8 could come to the UK before Christmas

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Monday saw HTC officially announce the Windows Phone HTC One M8, which  a lot of people will have found exciting until they found out it was a Verizon (and therefore a US) exclusive. Well it appears that might not be entirely accurate since HTC has announced it will come to other networks in the future. They didn’t provide any solid details, but with new rumours it could well mean that the Windows Phone One M8 might hit UK shelves before the year is up.

According to Neowin, sources in “the UKs’ largest independent phone retailer” have confirmed that the phone will be released in Q4 of 2014, meaning we could see it released anytime between October 1st and the new year. The site didn’t mention which retailer they got the information from, which means it could be a complete lie, but it is exciting for Windows Phone users who want to get their hands on HTCs flagship device without switching over to Android.

It’s only four months until the end of the year, so if the rumour is true then we shouldn’t have too long to wait until an official announcement is made. [Neowin via Ubergizmo]