Looks like the iPhone 6 won’t come with a reversible USB cable

Tom Pritchard Gadgets Leave a Comment


Recently we heard about the possibility of Apple bundling a reversible USB cable with the iPhone 6, which would be a very exciting prospect for people who don’t look at what they’re doing when they’re trying to plug something in. Well now it seems that Apple will not be releasing the cable this year.

According to Apple device manufacturer Moca.co, Apple has not placed orders for large amounts of the reversible USB cables — in fact they’ve only ordered samples, presumably to see if they are, in fact, suitable for releasing to the public. Moca.co has announced that it will be selling the cables itself, but no release date has been mentioned.

You can, however, go online right now and buy a third party reversible lightning cable for about £6 (provided you’re willing to wait for the extra-slow free shipping). [Moca.co via 9to5Mac]