Is Microsoft going to release a Chromecast-like streaming device?

Tom Pritchard Gadgets Leave a Comment


According to reports, Microsoft is currently working on an HMDI streaming device similar to Google’s Chromecast, which will allow people to watch videos on their devices on a big screen. It makes sense, especially since Chromecast doesn’t support Windows Phone devices at this point in time.

Apparently the key difference will be that instead of the dongle pulling video from cloud servers the way Chromecast does, Microsoft’s offering will instead mirror the screens from your phone, tablet, or computer. This is, according to the reports, because the device will run on Miracast, existing tech that allows this to take place. The disadvantage here is ensuring that there is no noticeable lag between devices, but if it can be done properly then it offers Microsoft a significant advantage over the competition — especially since Chromecast’s screen mirroring is still in the experimental phase.

There’s no word on potential release dates, or even pricing options, but according to the reports Microsoft has received approval in the US from both the FCC and the Wi-Fi Alliance — meaning an announcement could come any day now. Let’s just hope Microsoft decided IFA was the best place to do it. [The Verge via Into Mobile]