The new Motorola Skip will do more than just unlocking your phone

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Skip 2 manual

Some of you might remember the Motorola Skip, the majority of you probably don’t because it received very little attention. Skip was essentially a little fob that would unlock your phone whenever it was in close proximity, so that you didn’t have to type in a code or enter a pattern. Thrilling stuff. Now it’s being reported that Motorola is going to release an updated version that not only has a few extra features, but will also work on all Android phones.

The new Skip will still be able to unlock your phone, but it has the added bonus of being able to set off your phone’s ringer if you misplace it. A bit like Android device manager on a localised scale. Similarly you can use your phone to find the Skip, so if you attach it to your keys misplacing them will become a thing of the past. Sounds rather useful to be honest.

Fortunately this Skip will be powered by a watch battery, which means it will last roughly a year before it runs out of power. That’s great, because the last thing we need is another gadget that needs to be plugged in every few hours.

There’s been no official word from Motorola about this, but its reported that the device will be included with the Moto X+1 as well as being available separately for around $20 (£12). Hopefully we’ll hear more about it at IFA next month. [Droid Life via The Verge]