The Galaxy Note 4’s fingerprint scanner might have a few bonus features

Tom Pritchard Gadgets Leave a Comment

In terms of phone security a fingerprint scanner is a pretty secure way of keeping unwanted users out of your phone (so too is Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA). But is it useful for anything other than confirming your identity? Yes, in fact Samsung is rumoured to be throwing in a few of these features with the Galaxy Note 4.

The first feature that’s rumoured is the ability to set scans of different fingers to do different things. So if you want to open your phone straight to, say, Gmail, all you do is set the phone up so that by scanning your little finger that means you want Gmail opening immediately. The other feature is both a security measure and a time-saver. According to the reports the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy Note 4 will become a password manager of sorts, and will allow you to log into your favourite apps and websites with a swipe of your finger. A handy tool, and slightly more secure than a password protected password manager.

As great as these sound, they are still rumours for now which means that we can’t assume that they’ll definitely be included in the final phone. Fortunately the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be unveiled next week before IFA starts, so we don’t have long to wait and see if the rumours are true. [SamMobile via IT Pro Portal]